Friday, November 1, 2013

DQ Badger feedback suggestions

look for more contrast it tapers and hard against rounds
look for unifying flow lines
I suggest having his butt wider so he looks more tianglular
Possibly at wist to help show joint...same for other joint
dont have his design get too contrast against the lorence
I suggest pull out the jaw...makes him less intelligent but only if thats what you want

tapered at the does the neck work?
lowered his butt...but try to get a strong the line of action thu the back and contrast in shape in the front...use this idea for all body parts to hep sell direction in silhouette

I would like to see more action design on how the hands and will they work  ?

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  1. Hi DQ, did the image get cut off? It seems like there may have been more to the picture. Thank you for your revisions! It's looking great...