Thursday, November 28, 2013

Model Look Tests/ Texturing

Doing some style tests in 3D to see how texturing and modeling might work. This workflow is really good for getting painterly results using Zbrush/Photoshop. Only diffuse (color maps), not even any shaders yet! 100% hand painted. Also included a ref sheet with Monsterbox, Wildstar and Darksiders ref since these are personally my fav direction for the art direction to take.


1 comment:

  1. First off, awesome job! I really dig that rock. Tom says you rock. Anyway,it looks surprisingly good for hand painted. I think the rock and the roots are still a little too smooth however. As for the geometric prints, I'm not a big fan, it might be because of the colour but I'm sure we can play around with it more. I'd say if we were going to go with geometric prints maybe something a little more subtle would work better.

    I want to try bump mapping or 3d painting for the roots and any bark-like material, maybe we can get some nice designs through that?

    As for the reference I still prefer the wildstar bark over the monsterbox one. Great job though can't wait to see more!