Monday, October 21, 2013

Color Key Brainstorm

Bashed together a color key board for the entire duration of the film. It could start off with warm colors/ sunset. The base of the tree would have relatively normal green tint, inviting, nothing out of the ordinary since the badger hasn't taken the climb yet. But once he gets to the first encounter, things become more mysterious and cold. As he progresses it becomes night-time and moonlight can enter through the canopy. This would allow for  bioluminescent plant life, fireflies/ glowing bugs and more wierd stuff. But the design wouldn't be too twisted yet. When he gets to the third section however, this is when things get really bizarre with the web and all kinds of twisted stuff. The dominant hue would be magenta. Once he climax's with the fruit, there could be a lot of bloom and glowing light or something more psychedelic. Then when he's falling down, the sun could be rising up to bring it back to more normal warm colors, but since he's an addict now, the world could be a little different and strange.

 BTW read from bottom-top, like you're climbing a tree...

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