Friday, October 25, 2013



 I Just got conformation from the SHOTGUN company ....we will have full permission to use the SHOTGUN production software until JUNE 1st....
I will be spending the day trying to set up the links using the list of Name and emails that you have sent me.
Remember in order for the whole group to use Shotgun, everyone on the production will need to work online using .
YOU also need to keep a twin files system on your schools network just in case of technical crashes...and I suggest the production people use an external Hard  drive to do an extra back up just in case of a meteorite hitting the earth!!!

I will hopefully get this done today and will send you the detail as soon as I can.
The production People will have most control over the site and so I suggest they take the time to learn as much about this as possible and there is plenty of online tutorials to watch.
I am not an expert at this software either so I will be relying on you guys to try and learn this we can both get our heads around this....

Hopefully this will work out great for us...then we can present this to the school on how much this helped us get production done...

This is a trial for us all lets see if we love it or hate it....



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